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What do I wear?

A consultation will be set up after your initial booking. We will go over what to wear, hair and makeup and other details. 


Do I need to go to a salon to get my hair and makeup done? 

No, all hair and makeup up is done by in house professionals. It is a necessity to use our personnel.


How long will the shoot take?

At least 2 hours. 


Do I need to bring my own clothes? 

Yes, however we do offer a wardrobe. 

We do have a wide range of sizes and styles. There is no guarantee that we have a size for everyone. This will be gone over your personal consultation.

This whole experience is about you, pampering yourself is applauded, go buy that slinky body suit. 


Do I need to loose weight?

Absolutely not! Come as you are. 


Do I need to sign a model release? 

No, a model release is signed at your own accord, we do not require it. 


Can I bring my significant other?

No significant others are allowed during the shoot. (Unless of course they plan on dawning lingerie and also jumping the shoot.) Plus a little surprise never hurt anyone.