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Danie Laurin Photography: I DO NOT LIKE TO FOLLOW RULES 


Rules are made to be broken or are mere suggestions. If you are here for the ordinary you have come to the wrong place, but hang around I enjoy altering a mind or two. Extraordinary, fierce, and audacious is what you are going to find. I love to create stunning art pieces highlighting you, if you dare. All while indulging my dramatically creative and photography curiosities.  My unique style is brought to life on all my canvas, wood and metal mediums. The renegade shooting style paired with my stellar editing skills conjure the perfect steamy boudie box, cheeky little black books, gorgeous estate albums and statuesque gallery art.

While specializing in boudoir, conceptual, glamor and fashion photography or what ever I want. The desire to bring you something other than ordinary is flaunted in my work. This is me being me, no apologies and no filters. 

I do enjoy a challenge. Come tell me no...